Simply walking your dog down the sidewalk can cause

Life Isn’t Always Easy with a Big Dog

Several challenges face owners of big dogs. Beside the most noticeable things such as endless appetites and the grand yards they require, owning a big dog has some hidden difficulties as well. From vet bills and airfares, to the things they break, large breed dogs bring large breed problems.

Apartments Typically Don’t Allow Large Dogs

You almost have to be a home owner to have a large breed dog. Most apartments have strict limits to the size of your pet sometimes by height but more commonly by weight. Leasing agreements usually state that dogs no more than 20 lb and some times up to 40 lb are allowed to share residence with you. Renters with large breed dogs frequently end up in more exclusive apartments where others in similar situations also find refuge, or end up looking into homes to rent.

Higher Veterinary Bills

When large dogs find themselves in need of medical attention, owners find they dig deeper into their pocket particularly when anesthesia and medication are involved. Most Vets charge by the weight of the dog, so more anesthesia is needed to keep a dog safely asleep.

Costly to Travel With

Large breed dogs are rarely seen in the cabin of a commercial airliner that’s because they’re stuck back in cargo. And cargo isn’t cheap. While small dogs usually get a free ride if they can fit under the seat, larger dogs can expect to pay more than $200. While most airline cargo is a safe way for a dog to fly, it is never easy for the dog and likely just as hard on the owner.

Nothing Fits

Some giant breed dogs like Newfoundland’s and St. Bernard’s can be difficult to shop for. One can’t always walk into the local Pets Mart and expect to find a collar large enough for their companion’s neck. All dogs make mistakes, but when a large breed makes a mistake, they almost always have larger consequences they either hurt more, or cost more.

He’s So Scary

## ## Be prepared for a certain stigma associated with big dogs. He or she could be the must lovable huggable animal on the planet but people will still be skeptical. Simply walking your dog down the sidewalk can cause everyday neighbors to fear you and your dog.

Just Simply Not Welcome

Try walking your Great Dane or Mastiff into a fine restaurant in California. Doesn’t happen. If anything, you’re stuck on the deck eating your meal while suffering the weather with your dog. Need to spend a day shopping? Even though you’ll find little fluffy dogs hanging out of purses and shopping baskets, you won’t be welcome with your beast. Life just isn’t fair for the big dogs.

Big Dogs always seem to present big challenges, but for those who own them its worth it, as there is just more to love.

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